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STARIN Group is a specialist funds manager that actively engages in prime commercial property within the thriving hotel sector.

Starin identifies and sources new investment opportunities which demonstrate sustainable returns and capital growth. Our objective is to deliver outstanding opportunities and provide exceptional investment outcomes to our clients.

Significant Investor Visa

STARIN receives applications from investors under ‘Significant Investment Visa’ provisions. However, it is encouraged that you seek advice from your migration agent when making any investments decisions.

Financial Institutions

STARIN accept investment from overseas financial institutions and investment firms in compliance with Australian legislative provisions. Overseas investors must consider laws from their country of origin and risks associated with exchange rates. STARINs funds will receive investments and make distributions & returns of investment when exiting in A$.


Advisors are encouraged to consider STARIN as an investment opportunity for their clients who have income and capital growth objectives.

Self-Managed Super Funds

STARIN accept investments from Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF). Investors are encouraged to undertake research to confirm compliance with the SMSF investment requirements, with their own investment strategy and the SMSF Trust Constitution.

Other Investors

If you are an individual considering a medium to long term investment period then STARINs funds are a reasonable option for you.

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Our Funds

Macquarie Business Centre Unit Trust

The Macquarie Business Centre Unit Trust (MBUT) is an established fund managed by STARIN. MBUT is a specialist fund focused on serviced apartments and commercial property in Australia, currently inviting potential investors to participate in a rare and exciting opportunity.

MBUT has acquired a premium parcel of land in Macquarie Park, a highly recognised business centre in Australia. Investments in this Fund will be used to design, construct and operate STARIN, a premium serviced apartment building. The development location is highly accessible with major road and rail connections to the Sydney CBD. The team at STARIN has achieved exceptional returns for our investors in our previous projects, and we hope to achieve the same outcome for STARIN at Macquarie Park. In bringing this offer to you, we have mitigated initial high risks by acquiring the land and engaging experienced and reputable Australian specialists firms, including architect Group GSA, planner JBA and solicitors Henry Davis York. We are excited in making this offer and assure you of our full commitment and care in protecting your investment in the Fund.

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Shri Ganesh Unit Trust

Shri Ganesh Unit Trust

Shri Ganesh Unit Trust (SGUT) had successfully completed MyStarHome a 28-room boarding home located in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, near the Warringah Mall. This central location enables our guests to choose from a wide range of daily activities at any time.

The Brookvale and surrounding area has a relaxing and calm vibe, featuring 3.4 km of exquisite, surf beach and walk ways, the iconic Collaroy Cinema, a variety of restaurants, cafes and clubs and a range of clothing and retail stores to pass time. Wildlife frequenting Collaroy includes sea eagles, pelicans, terns, ducks and yellow-crested cockatoos. MyStarHome includes a wide variety of facilities and is perfect for those travellers looking for a memorable experience.

MyStarHome has currently been operational since 2013 and has many long-term agreements with local and international companies that use the facility for their international executives visiting Sydney. Since commencement, the facility has operated at an average occupancy rate of more than 90% which can give investors a sense of confidence in this reliable investment venture.

Shri Ganesh Unit Trust provides sturdy passive income, for further information, please visit MyStarHome.

Our Core Values

Corporate Governance

STARIN Limited and the funds Macquarie Business Centre Unit Trust (MBUT) and Shri Ganesh Unit Trust (SGUT) are structured in accordance with principles surrounding real estate investment trusts (AREITs) within Australia.

The protection of unit holders is fundamentally important to STARIN. STARIN conducts its business under Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) granted by Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Our management style is governed by the provisions of the license, requiring the licensee to work in the best interests of the unit holders.

We have currently outsourced and engaged an independent auditor and responsible manager, this is to ensure transparency, prevent conflict of interest and make information and disclosures in the interest of the unit holders. We undertake annual independent audits to demonstrate our compliance with the licensing provisions.

STARIN being an AFSL license holder has a complete set of policies and procedure to manage its Funds. These policies and procedures have been approved by the CEO and the responsible manager and have been submitted to ASIC as part of the licensing requirement.


The purpose of the Foreign Accountant Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is to ensure US taxpayers do not commit tax evasion on income earned outside the USA. Through FATCA non-US financial institutions are required to identify any investments held by US taxpayers. The local tax authority such as the Australian Taxation office (ATO) is then required to report information about these accounts to the US Inland Revenue Service (IRS).

Complying with local and international law is a major priority for STARIN, therefore we aim to be fully compliant with FATCA.

ESG & Responsibility

At STARIN we have integrated ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors into our decision making and investment analysis. This has been done to ensure our investors gain long term performance advantages. ESG methodologies allow for better management methods and a more forward-thinking approach and therefore better mitigation of risk. ESG analysis takes advantage of an increased level of scrutiny which assists in minimising risk and increasing opportunity which in turn impact the value of performance of investments.

Risk and Compliance

STARIN endeavours to maintain a risk management process involving the establishment, analysis, evaluation, treatment, communication and ongoing monitoring of risks. We conduct business in a responsible manner to maximise returns and income. This is done by developing and improving business initiatives and operations through research to ensure that beneficial outcomes are achieved.

We have implemented a compliance policy to ensure compliance with its license conditions, the license is then independently audited annually.

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Risk and Compliance

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