What makes GRE8 GREAT

GRE8 is a unique fund that offers an unprecedented opportunity to the investors. It is one of the first blockchain powered real estate backed investment fund, fully compliant with laws, which grants participation in the property market, asset-backed investments and voting rights. Being on open ledger it is transparent and very accessible- can be accessed at multiple time zones, in different currencies and has global reach in the convenience of your keyboard or smartphone.  This is taking fund management and investor benefit to higher levels.

The digitalized units or BEABS (blockchain enabled asset backed securities) issued by GRE8 are planned to be listed on major organized stock exchanges for added liquidity and security. Let us go through the features that make GRE8 one of a kind.

As the fund is likely to be listed at more than one exchange, an investor will have greater flexibility:

  • Multiple currency flexibility for timing in buying and selling as per your location;
  • Multiple currency flexibility in choosing your currency depending upon the exchange and its location;
  • Arbitrage benefit by trading at an exchange were buy / sell price brings greater profit;
  • Increasing investor participation resulting in enhanced liquidity;
  • Open ledger resulting in high transparency; and
  • Reducing costs, and so on.



Last week we talked about blockchain and its current stance in the world. Fintech offers the financial industry a tremendous growth due to the disruption.  To offer the same to our investors, we decided to deploy Ethereum blockchain technology for the GRE8 fund.

Smart contracts allow for faster, transparent and safer transactions at the tip of your fingers. They offer decentralization/ elimination of the intermediary result in straightforward deals and lesser fees, resulting in an efficient use of funds. Most importantly, blockchain guarantees data integrity and transparency. Global participation is another benefit – almost anyone can become an investor anywhere they are in the world.

The interest of the stakeholders is a priority at STARIN, so we decided to go an extra mile to provide additional investor protection. Digitalized units issued by GRE8 are security BEABS and unlike the utility tokens, which are not regulated and are platform specific, BEABS are fully regulated as per the Corporation Act. BEABS is an asset class, which would offer preferential rights over the assets in the trust and provide voting rights to its investors.

Another point that makes GRE8 stand out among other ICOs is there are solid assets (Real Estate Properties) behind the investment.  These properties produce income and capital growth to which each BEABS holder has an ownership. Asset backing makes BEABS unsusceptible to the volatility of the speculative cryptocurrency market. This sets BEABS apart from any coins or tokens currently on the market.



Underlying Asset

The target for GRE8 fund is the Student Accommodation, Co-living, Build to Rent, and similar assets such as hotels and serviced apartments that keep on generating on-going income and capital growth for the BEABS investors in Australia. Real estate has been considered one of the most reliable, stable and well-performing investment that provides both capital gains and income flow for centuries. Australian property market is well established and furthermore, Student Accommodation, Build to Rent and income-generating properties are poised for the most growth in the sector as Australia emerge as a global hub for studies and professional training.

Australia is currently the third most popular destination amongst the international students studying abroad. Education has become the second biggest export industry in Australia reaching $28.6 billion in 2016-17.

According to Knight Frank: “The 2017 Census indicates that there are 337,117 (2016 academic year) full time higher education international students studying in Australia, but only 93,890 PBSA bed-spaces as at the end of 2017. This equates to a theoretical international student to bed ratio of 3.6:1, highlighting the additional demand for quality and affordable student accommodation.” (1)



The research shows that a substantial increase in the number of international students is pushing the demand for accommodation, and property developers have responded by funding new ‘Purpose Built Student Accommodation’ (PBSA).

Build-to-Rent (BtR) are multi-unit residential dwellings built and designed specifically to be rented out for a longer-term to single owner. Due to the fact that BtR offer both market rent and sub-market rental properties they provide long-term residential tenancies. BtR is a great opportunity for people with limited deposit and finance options to live close to the employment centers without owning a home. For many people rental housing as more than a short-term transitional phase.

The 2016 Census showed that tenure for all apartments across Australia was: 13% owned outright, 15% owned with a mortgage and well over half (59%) being rented. In contrast, 34% of separate houses were owned outright, 38% owned with a mortgage, and 21% rented.” (2)


(Build-to-Rent overview content from CBRE and Knight Frank)


This statistics confirm that the rising cost of purchasing homes in Australia has resulted in a continuous decline in home ownership and more and more people are choosing to live in rented properties. 30.9% of the people were renting in 2016. The total demand for rental housing in Australia is forecasted to rise to 2.72 million dwellings by 2019.

Build to Rent and Co-living offers growth and ongoing returns in areas of high property values. It is a great investment platform in overpriced and over populated cities in Australia, projecting a 95% occupancy. BtR is also a great defensive asset class according to experts.

Beach Front Resorts; Australians including population world over strive to enjoy water access, clean protected and safe environment visitor resorts. Our latest MOU $200m over five years, for development of a high quality and level beach resort to be managed by a globally reputed manager would be a huge benefit to our investors.



Another benefit is planned to be implemented shortly – is enhanced liquidity. The digitalized units are to be listed on the major exchanges in Australia, US, Singapore initially and may be on Hong Kong, UK and possibly others. Firstly, listing will ensure higher liquidity and flexibility for entry/exit. It is also a very important feature for the peace of mind of the investors as it will bring the sought after liquidity.

The elegance of the GRE8 fund is that it represents a clear and simple investment approach, enhanced with the latest and most advanced technology.  We believe in investing in solid, well performing assets, Stay tuned to find out why Starin is your perfect partner to navigate and profit the world of real estate.


Build wealth the smart way.

To know more about Starin’s digitalized units, email us at gre8@beabs.starin.com.au .


* Source:

[1] http://knightfrank.com/

[1] http://www.abs.gov.au/





The information shared does not provide legal advice. In any token sale, there is a host of legal requirements to consider. Please consult your own securities lawyer.

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