GRE8 Fund

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About STARIN Group

STARIN Group (STARIN) has been in business since 2009, evolving through organic growth from investments at personal level, developing syndicated organisations to form the current STARIN Group. STARIN is built on the experience of its sponsors and the team with an aim on security and high returns to its investors. The focus is to reduce risk and costs, increase returns and efficiency for investors. At STARIN, we are fully committed to our investors.

STARIN continuously transforms and evolves its business. STARIN is bringing one of the first Ethereum Blockchain powered asset backed investment product to its investors. It is anticipated it would give our investors high level of liquidity, security and enhanced returns due to global presence and investor participation.

STARIN Group Includes: STARIN Limited (ABN: 91 123 287 007); STARIN BEABS Limited (ACN 626 824 315); STARIN888 Pty Ltd (ABN: 87 624 709 486); Sydney Rainbow Pty Ltd (ABN: 37 606 642 595); STARIN Singapore Pte Ltd (Reg: 201435685W).

More information about STARIN is available online at

About the Growth Real Estate (GRE8) Fund

The Fund aims to provide investors with income and long-term capital growth, through investment in a diversified portfolio of student accommodation properties, built-to-rent properties, serviced apartment, new age boarding houses, hotels and similar properties in Australia.

The Fund primarily would invest in direct property (already operating, acquisition and development) and cash to assist in managing the Fund’s return and liquidity. The main objective of the Fund is to provide returns and growth to its investors by investing into mix of already operating, needing minor changes, completed and ready to develop properties. The Fund would aim to ensure that positive gearing is maintained and make the fund self-sustainable over a period of time.

To reduce risk, diversification is achieved through investment in properties with a range of performance and risk profiles, located in different markets throughout Australia.

STARIN has been investing, developing and managing real estate for over 9 years with a combined management experience of more than 200 years. The Fund benefits from this experience through the management’s deep understanding of Australian real estate markets.


Anurag Thukral

Managing Director

Maurice Cally

Non -Executive Director

Cecily Cai

Non -Executive Director


Tim McKinnon

Advisor, Marketing

David Louie

Advisor, Investor Relations


Jade Amurao

Fund Officer

Fund Ecosystem

Fund Structure

The Fund is structured as below;

  1. Head trust (GRE8) or sub-trusts for each asset or directly in the trust.
  2. Rental income from the assets are be distributed to the BEABS holder.
  3. Two streams of returns are being anticipated;
    1. Rental income from the assets in the Fund;
    2. Capital growth from the sale of the assets in the Fund;
  4. Income and profits are to be distributed semi-annually by giving additional BEABS or Cash.

The number on BEABS in the Fund are limited to 888,888,888. No more BEABS will be issued

Investment Roadmap